Located centrally in Coral Gables, Zelalî provides offices for mental health specialists serving the community. Zelalî provides a serene locale with ample parking for visitors. Designed to provide mental health specialists that may lack a sizeable enough clientele base or capital, to justify the need of a long term lease or the overhead applicable to many Miami area locations, with a clean and comfortable venue.

Zelalî also serves as a potential “second home base” for therapists that already have a primary location elsewhere. With growing client bases, therapists may be seeking to expand their practice, and better suit the needs of patients where a longer travel distance is not ideal.

Every office is elegantly decorated with upscale furniture and well insulated from wall to ceiling, delivering a quiet and serene atmosphere; even providing white noise machines to further block out excess and unwanted sound. We bolster these already great services with a receptionist, wifi, copier services, receptionist services, a kitchen with complimentary coffee, and a personal locker for storage of medical records, all available to the client.

Offering flexibility as a “pay as needed” office space Zelalî can be reserved online with purchased credit hours. Credit hours cost $35 per hour, however when purchasing blocks of 20 or more hours, this cost is reduced to $30 per credit hour.

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